Sistema-BioTech - innovative biotech ecosystem

Introducing medicine 4.0 today

Our mission is to change the impression about diagnostics and treatment options in a physician everyday practice
In Sistema-BioTech we are sure that everyone's individuality is the up-to-date medicine basis. That's the reason why we create the first Russian ecosystem of biotechnological products starting from gene diagnostics and biopharmaceuticals to cell and gene therapy development and DNA editing methods.
Our main goal today is to develop R&D genetic base in Russia and introduce innovative biotechnology in a regular practice while selecting medicine for patients.


Gene diagnostics
  • Reproductive genetics and prenatal diagnostics
  • Hereditary diseases and genetic predisposition
  • Oncodiagnostics
Test-kits development
  • Medical genetics
  • Cognitive genetics
  • Pharmacogenetics

  • DNA, cells, materials samples storage services
  • Conducting clinical trials for pharmaceutical companies in a certified site
LLC Sistema-BioTech, 109235, room 13, 5 fl, bld. 34/11, 1st Kur'yanovskaya st., Moscow
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