That is why we are creating the first in Russia ecosystem of biotechnological products ranging from genetic diagnostics to the production of biopharmaceuticals, the development of cell and gene therapy and DNA editing methods. We are currently meeting the challenge to develop a research base for genetic studies in Russia and introduce advanced biotechnologies into a doctor’s regular practice when selecting treatment options for patients.

We at Sistema- BioTech consider the individuality of each person to be the foundation of modern medicine.

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The main priority of the strategy is the use of international best practices, standards and scientific experience in the field of biomedicine, gene diagnostics and personalized selection of pharmacotherapy. Sistema-BioTech focuses its scientific activities on the most demanded areas of medicine — oncology, cardiology, reproductive medicine, neurology and severe congenital diseases.

The strategic goal of the company is setting up a biotechnological laboratory with a full cycle of research activities, ranging from gene sequencing to the creation of an active molecule, and further development of biotechnological products in the most demanded areas of medicine and pharmacology.

The company was founded in 2018, and by the end of 2020 it had already brought 6 scientific and practical developments to the Russian market. The main ones were test systems for the early diagnosis of the new coronavirus infection. To date, we have launched 9 portfolio products and more than 5 million tests.

The shareholders of Sistema-BioTech LLC are the Medsi network of medical clinics and Sistema Telecom Finance CJSC.

Sistema- BioTech LLC is a scientific and research laboratory created for the search and implementation of innovative medical and biological solutions in healthcare practice.

Our History


Opening a new R&D laboratory on the territory of Skolkovo


Launch of new test systems in the field of oncogenetics and pharmaceutical sensitivity

The development of a genetic test of the "PCR at your home" series for testing at home.


Market leader among SARS-CoV2 test systems


The first developments in the field of genetic research


Creation of System-BioTech LLC


Company certifications

Company strategy

Vision and values

Systema-BioTech is a team of like-minded people passionate about the idea of changing the world for the better. Each employee is a unique, special, talented and creative person and a professional in their field. Despite our relatively short period of existence, we have come a serious thorny path, uniting our efforts for a common goal — the search for effective means for the diagnosis and treatment of serious diseases in children and adults.

You can always rely on us!


Our value/motto. There do exist irreplaceable people, and we at Sistema-BioTech do know it.


Extensive experience and profound knowledge define who we are and what we deserve.


Continuous improvement of knowledge and processes, innovation, focus on results determine our leadership.


The customer is our partner!
Mutual understanding + fulfillment of obligations = long-term cooperation

Customer commitment


Director of Science
Pozdnyakova Natalia Vyacheslavovna
Sirazutdinov Artem Gennadievich

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