Partnership with Sistema-BioTech

Cooperation with us is a reliable partnership, guaranteed quality and safety for your customers.

Sistema-BioTech is a scientific and research laboratory. We cooperate with state multidisciplinary hospitals, research institutes, production sites, investment funds and commercial laboratories.

Our advantages

We guarantee the quality of our products, we work only with trusted suppliers of consumables, we use our own developments and certified sites for the production of reagents


We confirm our guarantees with certification and permits, each contract and each transaction undergoes several stages of verification by legal and financial services.


Tested on the basis of state institutions and state clinics in Moscow


We help our partners by holding regular seminars and conferences on products, provide remote support and training, organize testing and methodological support.

Full cycle

Production sites

The production priority is safety and the highest product quality.
The production sites of Sistemа-BioTech are equipped with high-tech devices, certified according to the quality management system ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 18 385:2016.

Kaluga Region, Obninsk, Kievskoe Highway, 120


Production of reagent kits for the diagnosis of coronavirus infection, kits for personal identification and kinship, kits for veterinary medicine

The total area - of the plot - 800 m2

Production capacity:

From 30 thousand reactions per month

The area of class D and C cleanrooms is 400 m²


PCR laboratory with a separate entrance and separated areas according to the requirements of a license for pathogenicity group 3−4.

The laboratory equipment for PCR, RT-PCR, sequencing and fragment analysis is produced by the leading manufacturers.

Total area — 1100 m2

Scientific laboratory on the territory of the biotechnological technopark "Mosmedpark" metro station Kuryanovo district.

Научная лаборатория в ММК «Сколково»


Общая площадь 4000 кв. метров.

Лаборатории молекулярной генетики, микробиологии, химии, цитологии и генетики, лаборатория разработки медицинских изделий, лаборатория нанотехнологий, биобанкирования, клеточных технологий, разработки лекарственных средств, лаборатории живых систем, лаборатория малых молекул, лаборатория трансфера технологий, физико-химических лабораторий.

Certification and quality standards

The company’s production site in Obninsk has the following quality certificates:

Мы обеспечим качественную и своевременную доставку «до двери», учитывая все требования конечного потребителя.

Логистика и склад

Производство лекарственных средств осуществляется с соблюдением требований промышленного регламента.


Разработка лекарственных средств включает в себя поиск новых фармакологически активных веществ, последующее изучение их лекарственных свойств.



Drug development includes the search for new pharmacologically active substances, the subsequent study of their medicinal properties.


The production of medicines is carried out in compliance with the requirements of industrial regulations.

Logistics and storage

We will provide high-quality and timely delivery "to the door", taking into account all the requirements of the final user.

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