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The main reasons for infertility:
Pregnancy is the result of the successful timely completion of a complex sequence of physiological changes, including the release of a mature egg from the ovary (ovulation), the production of mature sperm
—Endocrine infertility 27%
—Tubal infertility 22%
—Male infertility 25%
—Infertility of unknown etiology 17%
—Other types of infertility 9%
Any violation of the sequence can lead to reduced fertility
Fertility is reduced in a number of diseases, however, it is difficult to determine, whether the disease is the cause of infertility or is only a concomitant factor, due to lack of knowledge and the complexity of the very concept of infertility itself.
It has been proven that a woman's fertility decreases with age, which is due to a decrease in the number of follicles and the aging of oocytes, by the age of 34 the fertility rate decreases to approximately 40%, by the age of 40 — to 25%, and, by the age of 45 — to 10%.

In 30−40% of cases, female infertility is due to anatomical disorders. The adhesion process in the fallopian tubes or the abdominal cavity causes impaired fertility in 15−20% of patients, and infectious and inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs are considered the leading cause of the adhesive process. In most of these cases, tubal infertility is caused by sexually transmitted infections.

Uterine abnormalities can cause infertility and spontaneous abortions. Congenital malformations (including those caused by the woman’s mother taking diethylbestrol during pregnancy) and acquired disorders (fibroids, polyps and intrauterine adhesions) are of clinical importance. Endometriosis is found in 4% of cases.

Unfortunately, male infertility is diagnosed in 25−40% of the couples examined.
Who is this program for?
Couples planning pregnancy without problems at any age.
Couples whose non-pregnancy period lasts for a year.
Women suffering from miscarriage.
Men who want to improve their reproductive function.
Couples planning IVF (before doing it)
Couples planning another embryo replanting or after unsuccessful replanting.
Couples planning to have children at the age of over 35−40.
The program includes a preparation for pregnancy stage.
It is designed to correct metabolic, biochemical, hormonal, neurohumoral changes in the patient’s blood and normalize the parameters of the fertile function, taking into account the individual genotype of patients, drug tolerance, and sensitivity to therapy. It is a mistake to provide the stimulation and hormonal therapy of infertility, against the background of obesity and without the normalization of metabolic disorders and biochemical processes!
The program provides for the study of the patient's biomaterial for 121 parameters
That allows you to comprehensively assess the level and degree of violations of the reproductive function
The program is designed to correct metabolic, biochemical, hormonal, neurohumoral changes in the patient’s blood and normalize the parameters of the fertility function, taking into account the individual genotype of patients, drug tolerance, sensitivity to therapy and controlled evaluation of the treatment effectiveness.
It is personalized as much as possible, as it is a new modern product for diagnosing and correcting female reproductive health taking into account the peculiarities of metabolism at the genome level.
The advantages of the program over IVF or instead of IVF:
The ability to fully restore the reproductive function and get a physiological pregnancy.
The use of a non-traumatic method of metabolic correction.
The opportunity not to use hormonal drugs.
The possibility to reduce the risk of pregnancy complications.
The ability to prepare the endometrium for the implantation, if a woman does not have fallopian tubes and IVF is the only way to transplant.
The ability to reduce the risk of miscarriage, the risk of unsuccessful IVF attempts.
The ability to restore male reproductive function by increasing the mobility and quality of spermatozoa.
The way to reduce the risk of getting a fetus with chromosomal pathologies, since metabolic correction affects DNA fragility and makes it stable.
The ability to restore the hormonal rhythm of the endocrine glands.
The ability to adjust the parameters of glucose and stress hormones.
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The health of the couple
Non-invasive technique
Hormonal background correction.
Individual recommendations regarding all the aspects of infertility (ranging from the lifestyle to the mindset)
Obtaining comprehensive information about the key genetic markers that are the cause of metabolic problems.
Obtaining a list of natural substances that are suitable for you to synthesize the necessary hormones and proteins.
Getting data that you can use for a lifetime. They will be relevant for any pregnancy — 1. 2. 3
The program guarantees:
Research stages
Blood test 10 days.
Заполнить анкету
The consultation of a genetics doctor of the Sistema-Biotech LLC laboratory based on the test results. And also, a detailed analysis of your features and receiving the recommendations for the 4−6 months of correction.
Test tubes of venous blood in EDTA preservative-in any treatment room in the city, the courier call- through the site
The result
Can be achieved within 3−12 months from the moment you start working on yourself
Program restrictions:
The participation of patients with benign and malignant tumors in any organs and tissues of the body the patients in the period after the treatment of malignant neoplasms, considering themselves conditionally recovered, is not suitable for the program. Persons under the age of 25 are not eligible either.
Questionnaire for men and women (filled out on the site)
Скачать анкету
Service prices
63900 ₽
63900 ₽
M+F complex
99900 ₽
To place an order, please fill out the form
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