Smooth and toned skin, shiny hair and strong nails — this is the dream of any girl. These are not only the criteria of beauty, but also the signs of the health of the body. The paradox is that no, even the most expensive cosmetics will help preserve youth if they were chosen incorrectly.

After all, many factors are important for our beauty: the balance of vitamins and minerals, individual allergic characteristics, sensitivity and type of skin, the condition and structure of the hair. You can choose Beauty care by trial and error for a long time, but it’s better to pass a genetic test and get a detailed report on what exactly your body needs in order to stay young and healthy.

Geno.Me Genetic Research Beauty for women

The results are ready within 5 to 10 working days from the moment the sample arrives at the laboratory. As soon as the study is ready, it will be uploaded to your personal account (registration required) or sent to you by e-mail.

The results do not have an expiration date and will be valid for life.
When it is recommended to pass the Geno. Me Beauty test:
  • Individual recommendations for skin care, hair, nails and the whole body.
  • One analysis that will replace dozens of sessions with a beautician.
  • A prediction of what changes will happen to your appearance with aging.
  • A detailed youth preservation plan based on your genetic passport.

Genetic Research Beauty for women-that is:

  • If you decide to assemble a cosmetic bag from scratch, choosing high-quality, and most importantly, suitable products.
  • You have noticed the first signs of aging and want to prolong your youth as much as possible without operations and injections.
  • You do not see the effect of expensive skin care products and procedures at the beautician.
  • You are planning to take care of your health so that everything: nutrition, vitamins, weight, skin and hair condition are in balance.
  • You just want to always look fresh and beautiful without makeup.
After placing the order, you choose a convenient time, date and place for the delivery of the genetic test Viral. On the appointed day, the courier will bring a saliva collection kit — it is from it that our scientists will isolate genetic material. After collecting the biomaterial, you give the hermetically sealed test tube to the courier who will deliver everything to the laboratory.
How to take the test?
When will the results be ready?
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