For men, it is always important to keep everything under control: home, business, the car. But very often men think about their health last. And this is especially important if a child is planned in the family. The fact is that in recent years, male infertility has become an equally urgent problem along with female infertility.

Preparing for a healthy and happy pregnancy is not only a woman’s task. The child will have exactly half of the genes from the father. What will these genes be like? The PrePapa genetic test will help answer this question.

Having passed just one single test, you will receive a detailed report with comments by a geneticist on the individual characteristics of your reproductive health.

Geno.Me Genetic research PrePapa

The molecular genetic research will help to find out:
  • whether you have dangerous genetic mutations that can adversely affect the health of your future offspring;
  • what strong genes will you pass on to your future child;
  • what concrete changes in the lifestyle are necessary to improve the quality of spermatozoa;
  • what features should be focused on, in order to maintain men’s health on the top level
  • why pregnancy does not occur in your couple, although you are both fully examined;
Supported by
  • whether it is possible to get pregnant without IVF with your genotype
  • whether you have prerequisites for male infertility.
And our concern for you does not end there, because with the Geno. Me genetic test report you can contact any Medsi andrologist or reproductive specialist, who, based on the information received, will draw up an individual treatment plan or health correction.

Medsi specialists know how to correctly interpret the results of DNA testing, so the well-coordinated work of Sistema Biotech and the medical center will help you achieve the result as soon as possible
The results are ready within 10 working days from the moment the sample arrives at the laboratory. The research report is sent by email. As soon as the study is ready, it will be uploaded to your personal account (registration required) or sent to you by e-mail.

The results have no expiration date and will be valid for a lifetime.
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