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DNA research Geno. me PreMama will help to identify the specific genetic characteristics of your body, which play an important role not only in the process of the formation of the baby, but also in the course of pregnancy and the childbirth.

The study is individual, as your DNA is taken as the basis. Based on these data, geneticists will make a detailed report that will tell you everything about your reproductive health.
Who is the genetic research recommended to?
  • Those who are planning their first child;
  • Young ladies who are planning a pregnancy not now, but in 3−5-10 years, but want to check their reproductive health;
  • those who cannot get pregnant for more than a year;
  • women with a confirmed diagnosis of "infertility";
  • those who have experienced pregnancy loss or genetic features/disorders in children;
  • if close relatives have genetic diseases.
How to take the test?
After placing the order, you choose a convenient time, date and place for the delivery of the genetic test Viral. On the appointed day, the courier will bring a saliva collection kit — it is from it that our scientists will isolate genetic material. After collecting the biomaterial, you give the hermetically sealed test tube to the courier who will deliver everything to the laboratory.
When will the results be ready?
The results are ready within 10 working days from the moment the sample arrives at the laboratory. As soon as the study is ready, it will be uploaded to your personal account (registration required) or sent to you by e-mail. You will receive a detailed report (over 40 pages) in which our genetic scientists will tell you everything about your DNA. The information is written in clear and easily understandable language, with diagrams, tables and a detailed plan of what should be done specifically in your case in order to become a mother. PreMama is a unique genetic test for the unique you!
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You will receive detailed guidance on how to prepare for a healthy and successful pregnancy.
You will learn from the report:
  • whehter you have disorders at the hormonal, receptor, metabolic, microelemental levels, and how to eliminate them;
  • whether you have dangerous genetic mutations that can be passed on to an unborn child, and what can be done about it;
  • what should be improved in lifestyle (nutrition, physical activity, composition of microelements) in order to get pregnant and bear a healthy child;
  • what factors are associated with the difficulty of conception;
  • how to make IVF successful on the first try or do without it at all;
And our concern for you does not end there, because with the Geno. Me genetic test report, you can contact any Medsi gynecologist or fertility specialist, who, based on the information received, will draw up an individual treatment or health correction plan.
Medsi specialists know how to correctly interpret the results of DNA testing, so the well-coordinated work of Sistema Biotech and the medical center will help you achieve the result in the shortest possible time.
  • In case of secondary infertility
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