The beauty of a man is in his health. When bones are healthy, the balance of vitamins and minerals is observed, nutrition is adjusted and sports loads are selected individually, any man will look good. You can learn how to maintain your youth and health with the help of the Geno. Me Beauty genetic test. It is based on the analysis of your DNA, which genetic scientists have described in detail in an accessible language in a personal report. A scientific approach to health will provide you with the most effective and fastest way to your goals

Geno.Me Genetic Research Beauty for men

The results are ready within 5 to 10 working days from the moment the sample arrives at the laboratory. As soon as the study is ready, it will be uploaded to your personal account (registration required) or sent to you by e-mail. You will receive a detailed report (more than 40 pages).

Your beauty is in your hands! Make an investment in your appearance — take the Geno. Me Beauty genetic test and get a personalized report with the detailed expert recommendations.
When it is recommended to pass the Geno.Me Beauty test:
  • A detailed youth preservation plan based on your genetic passport.
  • Clear recommendations on how to balance your diet with essential vitamins and supplements
  • Prediction of age-related changes.
  • Individual recommendations for skin, hair, teeth and the whole body care, which will help to avoid premature age-related changes.

Genetic research Geno.Me Beauty that is:

  • You have noticed the first signs of aging and want to prolong your youth as much as possible without operations and injections.
  • If you exercise regularly and follow proper nutrition, but you do not see the results.
  • You do not see the effect of expensive skin care products and procedures the beautician’s.
  • You have visible skin problems (acne, increased oiliness, rashes).
  • You plan to take care of your health so that everything: nutrition, vitamins, weight, skin and hair condition are in balance.
After placing the order, you choose a convenient time, date and place for the delivery of the genetic test Viral. On the appointed day, the courier will bring a saliva collection kit — it is from it that our scientists will isolate genetic material. After collecting the biomaterial, you give the hermetically sealed test tube to the courier who will deliver everything to the laboratory.
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When will the results be ready?
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  • Expert advice on how to choose the right cosmetic care.
  • The genetic picture of your hair features: gray hair, baldness, brittleness.
  • You just want to always look fresh and young.
How to take the test?
The study is supported by Medsi. This means that with a Geno. Me genetic test report, you can contact any dermatologist, trichologist or Medsi therapist, who, based on the information received, will draw up an individual treatment or health correction plan. Medsi specialists know how to correctly interpret the results of DNA testing, so the well-coordinated work of Sistema Biotech and the medical center will help you achieve results as soon as possible
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