The prevention of the post Covid syndrome

According to the latest estimates of scientists, half of the world’s population will be ill with coronavirus. The severity of the course of the disease will depend on many factors: the strain of COVID-19, the health of the person, and mainly, of course, on the genetic characteristics. A DNA-based genetic test can show how a particular person will survive the coronavirus and what complications they may face.

Postcovid syndrome is a complication that many people experience after the coronavirus. Among the most common problems are hair loss, insomnia, memory impairment, vision loss, etc. Finding out how to protect yourself from these complications is easy — just pass one PostCovid genetic test.

Geno.Me Genetic research Post Covid

What is the research indicating?
  • Risk factors predisposing to severe COVID-19.
  • people with chronic diseases;
  • Which organs are particularly susceptible to attack by COVID-19.
  • How to avoid memory impairment, vision loss, exacerbation of chronic diseases and other consequences of post-COVID syndrome.
Why do you need to know it?
The results of the study will help to identify the specific genetic characteristics of your body. A detailed report on your health status will allow your doctor to give personalized recommendations on how to prevent and reduce the risk of COVID infection, as well as post-Covid.
And if you do get sick with coronavirus, you will already have a personal instruction on hand that will tell you how to recover correctly and quickly, paying attention to the "weak points" of the body.
When will the results be ready?
Who is the PostCovid test especially important for?
How to take the test?
  • the retired/the elderly;
  • the women, planning pregnancy;
The results are ready within 5 to 10 working days from the moment the sample arrives at the laboratory. As soon as the study is ready, it will be uploaded to your personal account (registration required) or sent to you by e-mail. You will receive a detailed report (over 40 pages) in which our genetic scientists will tell you everything about your DNA. The information is written in an accessible and understandable language, with diagrams, tables and a detailed plan of what needs to be done specifically in your case in order to avoid post-COVID syndrome and protect your body.
  • the sportsmen;
As well as to all those who do not want to fall out of the usual rhythm of life due to an illness.
After placing the order, you choose a convenient time, date and place for the delivery of the genetic test Viral. On the appointed day, the courier will bring a saliva collection kit — it is from it that our scientists will isolate genetic material. After collecting the biomaterial, you give the hermetically sealed test tube to the courier who will deliver everything to the laboratory.
Supported by
  • "Weak spots" of your body that should be strengthened.
  • What should be improved in lifestyle, what physical activity is most effective for strengthening immunity.
  • What type of nutrition will help you not only keep your weight under control, but also replenish the missing vitamins and minerals in the body
  • What micronutrients are missing in your body.
  • How to comprehensively improve your health to reduce the risks of contracting COVID-19 and avoid post-COVID syndrome
Supported by MEDSI
The GenoMe PostCovid study is supported by the Medsi Medical Center. That means with the genetic test report you can contact any general practitioner, cardiologist, ENT specialist and other specialized Medsi specialists, who, based on the information received, will draw up an individual treatment plan or health correction. Medsi specialists know how to interpret the results of DNA testing correctly, so the well-coordinated work of Sistema Biotech and the Medical Center will help you achieve the result as soon as possible.
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